• We believe that hands-on experiential learning is a solid foundation for a good education program. Our Educators teach not only through mentorship and role modeling but through lecturing, small group activities and a variety of hands-on learning activities. Their duty is to provide security, stimulation, support and affection as well as to facilitate the child’s interests and intellectual curiosity


  • We believe that learning through play has an important role in our curriculum. We support and encourage the development of creative and social skills through opportunities for sensory play using a wide variety of materials such as sand, water tables, bubbles, play dough, colorful lights, etc. We encourage outdoor and indoor activities. We also use dramatic play with costumes, puppets and more


  • We acknowledge that every child has a unique learning style and that we must meet his/her needs. All children must have the opportunity to learn from their peers’ abilities, and to serve as teachers for their peers


  • We understand that interaction/communication between parents and us, is key to understand the child’s needs and to develop the best plan to help them grow and learn in the most efficient and rewarding way


  • We believe that children deserve a healthy start. A nutritious, well-balanced diet along with physical activity are an important part of promoting a healthy lifestyle during childhood and can have long-term advantages. For that reason, healthy food and routine exercises are a staple of our programs


  • We believe that every child has an equal value in our programs and we must work to support full inclusion of children with diverse abilities and disabilities, as well as those from all socio-economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds


  • We believe that children should be treated with respect and dignity, be provided with opportunities for learning through play, decision-making, and social interaction with their peers, so they feel safe and secure


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