Our daily routine includes lots of educational activities that are planned on children interest to help your children achieve their developmental milestones and skills appropriately at every stage of their first years of life to prepare them for school and life.

PHYSICAL: We provide them with opportunities to use their fine motor skills such as cutting, painting, colouring and as well their gross motor skills such as running, playing with balls, exercise, dance etc.

LANGUAGE: In our daily routine we do two circle times, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. circle time is a great opportunity for our children to build their vocabulary as well as self-expression, circle time includes reading, singing, conversation, show-and-tell etc.

SOCIAL: During their stay at Amigos Dayhomes our children are exposed to social experiences, e.g. meal times, playground time, craft time and group games. We use positive verbal guidance to reinforce appropriate behaviours which teach them how to take turns, share and use good manners with others.

COGNITIVE: During our math, science, reading, singing and other activities we encourage our children to use their cognitive skills. Those activities include the learning of colours, numbers, alphabet, counting, shapes and much more in two languages, English and Spanish!